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Χωρίς Μελτέμι δεν γίνετε! 
Uten Meltemi går det ikke!
(Hva jeg mener er at seilbåter kan ikke seile uten Meltemi vinden!)
Without Meltemi it won't work!
(What I mean is that sailingboats can not sail without the Meltemi wind!



Meltemi skrev jeg om 
den 3. august,
og her kommer hva en venn av meg har funnet ut om den!
Kartet er litt stort så derfor tar det litt tid å åpne! Tusen takk Erik F.  dette er interessant!

Meltemi er den deilige vinden som gjør at vi ikke dåner i sommer varmen! Den er nesten alltid her!


Meltemi, I wrote about it on the 3rd of August, and here comes more 
hat a good friend has found out!
The map is a bit big so it takes time to open it!
Thanks Erik in Norway, 
- this is interesting!

Meltemi is the lovely wind that cools us in the heat! It is nearly always here! We can not live without it!

From Wikipedia
During the summer in the Aegean Sea, the prevailing winds of the main circulation are due chiefly to the deep continental depression centered over the north-west of India
These winds are known as meltemi by the
Turks and 
by the
(Skopelitissa; Here in the Sporades the word Meltemi is very much used! Etesian I have never heard!)
They blow from a direction which may be anywhere between north-east and north-west according to the character of the country surrounding the region concerned; meltemi weather is ordinarily fine and clear, the northerly winds tempering the fierce summer heat of the region.

Historically, Phillip of Macedonia timed his military operations so that powerful southern fleets could not reach him - their ships could not sail north while the Etisian winds were blowing.

Etesian (meltemi) occurs when high pressure forms over the Balkans and low pressure forms over Turkey


Etesian (meltemi) occurs when high pressure forms over the Balkans and low pressure forms over Turkey

 From Merriam-Webster

etesian [itIizhn] επίθ. (μετεωρ). ετήσιος: etesian winds 
1. μεσογειακοί μουσώνες  2. μελτέμια

From Webster:
Ete·sian i-'tē-zhən adj [L etesius, fr. Gk ete:sios, fr. etos year more at: wether] (1601):  recurring annually used of summer winds that blow over the Mediterranean   Etesian 



 Litt gresk-lekse, sorry men feil kan forekomme!
Some Greek words, sorry but it may be some mistakes! 

to etoV år year
to meltemi årlig vind etesian wind
o anemoV /
o aeraV
vind wind
gematoV anemouV "full"/sterk vind windy
o boreioV anemoV nordavind north wind
o notioV anemoV sønnavind
- notios som høres ut som nord er altså sør!
south wind
- notios who sound more like north is south!
o anatolikoV anemoV østavind easterly wind
o dutikoV anomoV vestavind westerly wind
  Her er mange fler navn på vinder men jeg finner dem ikke i de oppslagsverk jeg har tilgjengelig! Here they use many more names on the winds, but I can not find them in books I have here!
o pio notioV sth notia Ellada i det sørligste Hellas in the most south of Greece
trela erwteumenoV-h-o forelsket oppover ørene
- kunne ikke stå for dette som pluttselig fanget mitt øye!!!
crazy in love
- I could not resist to include this, that suddenly couth my eyes!

Med god hjelp av bl.a. Norsk - Gresk, 
Norbhgiko - Ellhniko
av Liv Nilsen Garras
Ad Infinitum ISBN 82-92261-06-0

With good help from amongst others;
ISBN 960-400-128-0

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