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Dhrakontoschisma                    Skyros is fare away out there!

Dragekl°ften -
The Dragon Schism
to scÝsma - skisma, splittelse
split, fissure, schism

"The dragon (from Ancient Greek δράκων - drakōn, "a serpent of huge size, a python, a dragon") is a mythical creature typically depicted as a gigantic and powerful serpent or other reptile with magical or spiritual qualities." Wikipdia, - men det var bare litt!

Hva er en drage?

What is a dragon?


Onsdagens tur
var i Agnondas. Vi gikk opp og inn veien til Amarontas, da vi kom til hovedveien gikk vi inn til h°yere, der fotoene er tatt!
Midt mellom Stafilos og Agnondas.
Der sagnet sier at den slemme dragen som bodde i Panormos hoppet ut. Det var °yas skytshelgen
Agios Reginos som fikk skremt dragen sň den hoppet ivei fra Panormos, og her ved Dhrakontoschisma sprakk stenen idet dragen hoppet i havet!


Wednesdays walk
was in Agnondas. We walked up and in to Amarondas, when we reached the main road we took to the right where the photos are taken!
Between Stafilos og Agnondas.
The legend says that it was here the bad dragon who lived in Panormos jumped! It was the patron saint of Skopelos; Aghios Reginos who frightened the dragon so it jumped from Panormos and here at the Dhrakontoschisma the stone split as the dragon jumped!

Todays quote;

"The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts. 
Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, 
who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, 
good conversation, are the happiest people in the world. 
And they are not only happy in themselves, 
they are the cause of happiness in others."

William Lyon Phelps
American educator, journalist and professor, 1865-1943


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