The Norwegian connection to Skopelos, Greece!
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fredag formiddag, ganske så øde og forlatt, - men alltid vakker.
Jeg tok våre to hunder på "vår" Agnondas runde, og det var så moro å se hvordan Agapi fulgte hakk i hel på Pasxa. De er perfekte sammen.
Skyer kommer og går hele tiden, vi har nesten ikke vind. Men hvor er regnet?
Nå som DU ikke er på ferie her kan
vi vel få regn? Vi må jo samle opp
til neste års sesong!

PS lørdag morgen; vinden kom i går kveld og det har blåst i hele natt.

Friday early afternoon, rather deserted,
but all so beautiful.
I took our two doggies "our" Agnondas round, and it was so fun to see how Agapi just followed big Pasxa.
They are perfect together.
Clouds comes and goes all the time, nearly no winds. But where is the rain?
Now that YOU are not on holiday we should get rain. We have to collect for the next year!

PS Saturday morning; the wind came last night and has blown all night.

"In a July report cited at the conference, the WWF said 85 percent
of Greek water consumption is by agriculture 
-- with most of the water squandered through irrigation losses
or used on demanding crops like cotton."

"Experts also warned that tourism, a vital industry in Greece attracting some 14 million visitors annually, is also causing serious shortages on Greek islands, with many resorts relying on tanker shipments from the mainland to keep up with demand.".

"Tourism accounts for around 18 percent of Greece's gross domestic product. The Athens conference was being organized by several government ministries and the Association of Greek Chemists, with support from the United Nations Environment Program."

The whole article;


From www.cyprusedirectory.com
"Meanwhile the water transport from Greece is continuing smoothly
and the government is confident that the difficult times that people
are having will be overcome with the water saving measures taken
a few months ago."


"Greece's bears rise again

The country's shy and reclusive brown bears were once tortured until they 'danced'. After they were driven towards extinction, their numbers have apparently grown again thanks to the work of the Arcturos sanctuary."
"He explained how brown bears have only one real threat - humans. Being shot by illegal hunters or farmers protecting their crops, or killed in collisions with cars are the most common causes of bear deaths."
- more at Athens News




Ο  Μπουζουξής; Manolis Karantinis zografizei..
Karantinis "tegner"
Karantinis "draws"

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Margaret Mitchell
American author of "Gone with the Wind", 1900-1949;

"Death and taxes and childbirth!
There's never any convenient time for any of them"

"Død og skatter og fødsler!
Det er aldri den rette tid for dem"



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