The Norwegian connection to Skopelos, Greece!
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Velkommen til Skopelos
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Reis til Mamma Mia-øya

Turistene strømmer til Skiathos og Skopelos
etter den store kinosuksessen.
Se på Nettavisen;

Go to Mamma Mia-island

The tourists are going to Skiathos and Skopelos after the big movie success, - writes a Norwegian net newspaper.


Jeg blir litt irritert;
først fordi Tyrkia m.fl. blir regnet som en destinasjon, mens Hellas deles opp!

Så fordi de skriver i nettavisen akkurat som om Skiathos og Skopelos er noe nytt.
Gulliver started Skiathos i 1980 og her i 1983. I "de gode gamle dager" hadde vi 5 fly på det meste, fra Oslo, Stavanger og Trondheim. Det landet ca 620 nordmenn på Skiathos hver uke, ofte kom mer enn 50% hit, - mange av dem kommer igjen og igjen!


I get a bit mad;
first because these lists present Turkey and more, like one destination, while Greece are cut up!
Then because that newspaper writes just like Skiathos and Skopelos is something new to Norwegians. Gulliver, that I worked for, started Skiathos in 1980 and Skopelos in 1983. When we were at the top we had 5 planes arriving Skiathos every day, from Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim. Often more than 50% came here, and some are still my friends!


I just have to put up these two mails I got yesterday, 9/10-2008,
terrible that people that loves Skopelos should have problems with
coming and going here!

"Just a short note to say how concerned I am about getting to Skopelos next year. With the demise of XL airlines there are currently no flights to Skiathos from Newcastle and Manchester is only showing 2 week holidays. The price for a 3 week flight is nearly £600.This was £325 this year. Unless another airline takes up the XL slots from the other airports I can see a big drop in trade for Skopelos. You can of course go via Athens but this is much more of a trip and costly with busses and ferry costs added in from Agios Constantinos. Skopelos and Skiathos need to be lobbying the charter airlines now to take up the Skiathos flights, especially the Northern British flights. There are currently no flights from Scotland so Newcastle was the nearest and therefore the cheapest option for us North of the English border.
Hope you can help.


"Hi, Bravo for this page, I will send e-mails.
We just coming back from Skopelos and we have really problems to
get a ferry, leaving the island in time to get the ferry boat in Igoumenitsa.
Every day they say: I do not know, come tomorrow -the know nothing, what about the plans on gtp? This year it was complete chaos with the
 ships, really bad.

My tipp for a good meal, come to Astarti in Glossa, where Theresa the Switzerland lady is. The new cook Tom is excellent, he make us bakaliaro from the grill wonderful!
I like your pages very much, thank you, I enjoy also your video. 
Greetings yours GT"



Ikke en gresk sang her, fordi jeg ikke kunne motstå denne,
for jeg seiler når du leser dette, - håper jeg!
Not a Greek song today, I could not resist this one,
because also I am sailing when you read this, - I hope!


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"Remember that happiness is a way of travel -- not a destination."


"Husk at lykken er en slags reise -- ikke en destinasjon."



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